Purpose Pools: Swim with Purpose

 "We love the community of Las Vegas, and we're so happy they have embraced our company this past year," said Scott Reynolds, CEO of Purpose Pools. "Our 'Purpose' here at Purpose Pools is to make an impact in our local community; service-to-others has always been a part of my commitment. We want to show that small businesses can and should support the communities they live and serve in. We do this by providing concierge-level service in an industry that is unfortunately known for underserving its clients. That's not who we are. We are a relationship company – our clients are like our family. And we work with some of the largest pool builders and property management companies in the Vegas area because they trust us to take care of their pools with the professionalism and respect, they deserve. Families come to us too, because they know they can trust us to work quickly, efficiently, and treat their backyards and pool spaces as if they were our own."

Purpose Pools: Services Offered

  • Certified Pool and Spa Operator, Licensed and Insured
  • Weekly Maintenance Service
  • Water Chemistry Analysis and pH Maintenance
  • Filter Cleaning and/or Replacement
  • Equipment Inspection and Repair

    To learn more about the charities they support, the latest pool-cleaning specials, or to contact Purpose Pools about scheduling a consultation, call 702-703-2625 or go online at www.PurposePools.com.

National Plasterers Council Member New Construction Pool Start Up Certified Specialist

National Plasterers Council Member New Construction Pool Start Up Certified Specialist

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National Plasterers Council Member New Construction Pool Start Up Certified Specialist

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Certified Pool and Spa Operator, Licensed and Insured

Certified Pool and Spa Operator, Licensed and Insured

You can count on us to be well-versed in the technical know-how, latest technology, and innovative techniques of the trade to keep your pool and spa operating at peak performance - all while reducing costs and maximizing efficiency. Not only will we go to great lengths to improve water quality, but we will also see to it that we protect your users and employees by reducing physical, chemical, biological, and electrical hazards. Get in touch today to know more about how we can handle your aquatic operational needs.

Weekly Maintenance Service

Weekly Maintenance Service

Leave it to our professionals to handle the tedious task of maintaining your pool weekly and keep it pristine year-round. We know that proper regular maintenance requires more than just skimming debris off the surface and adding a few chemicals from time to time. From inspection down to the equipment monitoring, pool cleaning, pH balancing, and more, we’ve got you covered with services that will leave you with a sparkling clean and functional pool. Reach out now and give your pool the expert care and attention it deserves. 

Water Chemistry Analysis and pH Maintenance

Water Chemistry Analysis and
pH Maintenance

There are varying factors that can affect the chemical requirements of your swimming pool. Our experts are the people you can trust to help you deal with the outside elements and adjust your pool care treatment according to specific conditions. Trust us to test your pool and maintain adequate water balance and sanitizer levels. No matter how complex the process may be, we can take on the challenge of keeping your pool water safe, comfortable, and corrosion-free. Don’t hesitate to contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Filter Cleaning and/ or Replacement

Filter Cleaning and/
or Replacement

Filter cleaning should be part of your regular pool maintenance routine in North Las Vegas, NV. Bring in our pool care specialists from Purpose Pools to make sure that your filters are thoroughly cleaned and functional - so they can work their magic and protect against disease-causing bacteria and germs while increasing your pool’s lifespan. If you need to replace your old filters, we’ll also be happy to assist you with the right product and seamless installation service. Give us a call today to get more details.

Equipment Inspection and Repair

Equipment Inspection
and Repair

Don’t let malfunctioning pool equipment keep you and your guests or customers from having fun in the sun. If part of your pool equipment is dated, performing poorly, or no longer functioning at all, don’t hesitate to contact our professionals and we’ll get the job done promptly and efficiently. We will accurately evaluate your pool and deliver top-quality upgrades and repairs for any component - from blocked filters and faulty heaters to your pumps, chlorinators, and more. Our experienced swimming pool inspectors can also carry out a thorough inspection of your pool to ensure that it is up to code.


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Complete Pool And Spa Service.

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